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Productivity Suite
Time saving and specialty add-ins for Microsoft Excel

Download an evaluation copy of all the Productivity Suite's add-ins

The Productivity Suite will save you time and make Excel easier to use by adding many new features to Excel.  It consists of all of our add-ins (89) and our downloadable macro books for Microsoft Excel.  Each add-in adds many features and options to Excel.  For example, the Spreadsheet Assistant adds over 200 time saving features to Excel.

You get all the add-ins listed below to help you in Excel along with our downloadable books on how to write macros.  All of our add-ins are compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010-2021 and Office 365.  We sell as a collection to provide you with over 90% savings off of the individual prices.

Tiffeny Miloshevsky wrote the following regarding the Productivity Suite:  "This collection is remarkable; I can’t tell you how happy I am that I bought it. It is helping me out tremendously with our budgeting and so forth!! I actually look forward to working now!!!  Thanks again!"

When you install the Productivity Suite, you get easy to use ribbon tabs that give you immediate access to all the products.  To see a detailed description of an add-in, just mouse over and click on the add-in's name in the following images.

The Spreadsheet Assistant ribbon:

The Time Saver ribbon:

The Charts ribbon:

The Data Add-ins ribbon:

The Specialty ribbon:

Any of the buttons, dropdown menus, or menu items on the above tabs can be added to Excel's quick access toolbar for super fast access by right clicking on the item to add.

Keith Krenichen wrote:  "We purchased your Productivity Suite of Add-ins for Excel last week.  I have a very analytical and extremely "glass half empty" mind set and was skeptical about your product.  After one week using your add-ins, I must tell you that they are fantastic.  My glass is overflowing.  I have found myself using features that I didn't even realize I wanted or needed.  Your products will save me a bare minimum of one hour per day.  Thank you and keep writing those awesome time saving automations. "

Michelle Ploski-Fox wrote: "I just had to write to say thank you! I first purchased your Duplicate Finder and Data Loader a few years back and last year I had my boss purchase the whole Productivity Suite for me. I love it and it has saved me so much time and frustration. I tell other people about your products as often as I can. They wonder how I do what I do so well and sometimes I tell them and sometimes I take all of the credit. :) Thanks again."

The following is a list of all the add-ins in the Productivity Suite arranged by tab. 

Spreadsheet Assistant Ribbon Tab:

Spreadsheet Assistant - Add over 200 time saving features to Excel (Features appear on the Assistants ribbon tab above)

Time Saver Ribbon Tab:

Downloadable books on Macros (shown on Time Saver Ribbon Tab)

  • Macros Made Easy - A downloadable book (Windows help file format) on how to write macros for Microsoft Excel
  • Macro Examples - Get over 1200 macro examples for Microsoft Excel in a downloadable book (Windows help file format). These examples are new and not a repeat of the ones in Macros Made Easy.

Charting Ribbon Tab:

- Data Add-ins Ribbon Tab:

- Specialty Ribbon Tab:

To make learning and using the Productivity Suite's add-ins easy, all the add-ins come with exercise files with step by step instructions to provide hands on practice in using their features. The exercise files and help files are easily accessed from the opening dialogs. And, all of the add-ins are menu driven for ease of use.

The add-ins in the Productivity Suite do not expire or require renewal after a year; they continue to work for years and years with just the one time purchase

If you purchase the Productivity Suite and we release new add-ins (all new add-in products are automatically included in the Productivity Suite) or new versions of existing add-ins, you may download the latest Productivity Suite for free for up to a year from your purchase date and get the new add-ins.  

More customer feedback:

Van Epstein wrote regarding the Productivity Suite and the Spreadsheet Assistant (part of the collection)  " I purchased the analysis suite. Incredible product!!! The spreadsheet assistant is unbelievable! I customized my toolbars to make things easier and faster. I thought I was pretty savvy. You changed my opinion. Thanks so much for providing some incredible additions to the menus and new tool bars. My production has greatly increased since installing your product. I downloaded ALL the add-ins although I may not use some of them. I could have used the chart tools in a college course earlier in the year. Also your visual basic / macro help files are excellent. I am a novice at this but you have given me the confidence to write some basic macros instead of recording them. Everyone who is an excel user should install your add-ins even if they are not an advanced user."

Marik Braun, a long time customer wrote after his last upgrade: " I bought my upgrade, started my work, the result is nothing short of spectacular."

Brian Kelly wrote:  "I previously bought the Productivity Suite while at my previous employer. I am now lost without it. Would it be possible to get the discount for purchasing it at my new employer? I promise to continue to spread the gospel of the spreadsheet assistant - my last company bought 20 licenses after they saw the light."

We provided Brian a 50% discount as a returning customer. He wrote back: "Thanks Bob. It's a great product and anyone in the accounting world who isn't using it must like to stay at work longer than they have to. If I can ever do anything for you please let me know."

Bill Hunt wrote:  "Great product! I have the productivity suite and love it."



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