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Column Navigator
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

  • See a list of columns by column title
          with one click
  • Find the column you want quickly
  • Easily jump from any column to any column
  • Change worksheets with a single click
  • Specify title rows to use for columns

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The Column Navigator add-in for Microsoft Excel helps you move around on worksheets that have many columns.  It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010-2021 and Office 365.

With just a click of the new "Columns" menu, a dialog appears that lists all the columns in your worksheet.  You can have the Column Navigator show the columns in actual order or sorted by title in A-Z order.

To go to any column, just click on the column description. To change worksheets, just click on the spin buttons on the upper left of the above dialog. The "titles" button allows you to change the title rows to any rows you want.  Multiple rows can be used as the column title rows. Once changed, the Column Navigator will remember the rows. 

Key features:

  • If you wish to see your columns in sorted order, just click on the "Sort by title" checkbox.
  • If you wish to see the column widths on all columns, just click the Options button and select the option to show column widths on all columns.
  • If a column is hidden, an "H" appears to the left of the column title if widths are not displayed.  If widths are displayed, hidden columns have a zero for their width.
  • The size of the dialog can be customize to any width or height for better viewing

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  US $19.95

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