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Data Extraction Assistant
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

  • Extract data to other worksheets based
          on column entries
  • Create individual workbooks from worksheets
  • Selectively extract data based on matching entries
  • Alphabetize your worksheets
  • Extract to just one worksheet or to many

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The Data Extraction Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel helps you extract rows or data from one worksheet to many worksheets. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010-2021 and Office 365.

One of our customers had a list of sales leads by region.  He first used our Lookup Assistant addin to list the sales manager for each region by each of the sales leads.  At this point, he had a worksheet with several thousand rows and about 25 managers.  He needed individual worksheets and workbooks by manager. He didn't want to send all the data to every manager!

With the Data Extraction Assistant, he was able to first split the data into multiple worksheets, one for each sales manager.  Then he use the Data Extraction Assistant's option to save each worksheet as a new workbook!  That left him the simple task of mailing out the workbooks to the sales managers.

When they sent back the results, he took the 25 workbooks and used the Consolidation Assistant to combine into one easy to examine worksheet with all the data from all the managers on the one worksheet!

The extraction can be to the current workbook, to any open workbook, or to a new workbook.  It is based on the entries in any column of the data that you specify.  The Data Extraction Assistant can create new worksheets as needed.  It also provides a feature that allows you to sort the sheets in alphabetical order and to quickly go to any worksheet. 

The following are just a few of the customer testimonials we have received:

Wayne Atkin wrote:  "That is just so darn clever. I am blown away. I cannot imagine that that doesn't put a smile on your face. Cool. Very very cool. Wow!!!! And thank you very much."

Rick Kivler wrote:  "I have to say that this probably the BEST add on for Excel I’ve ever used. This product has saved our company an insurmountable amount of time and man-hours. "

and in another email Rick said:: "I will be recommending your product to my peers at the National Association of Credit Management’s Annual Meeting this month.  As finance professionals and Excel users, we’re always looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency, and your Productivity Suite seems to do the trick very nicely...  "

When the extraction is completed you can then go to any of the worksheets using the sheet navigation tool included in the Data Extraction Assistant.  If you need to create individual files from the worksheets, the Data Extraction Assistant has an option on the first dialog above that creates individual workbooks.  You can create output files in:

  • Excel 97-2003 format
  • Excel 2010-2021 and Office 365 format
  • PDF (if you are using Excel 2010 or higher)

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  US $29.95

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