How to Repair Microsoft Excel
What to do if add-ins do not run

If you are getting error messages like "error in module 1", "unspecified error", or "undefined reference", the problem is not with our add-ins!  It is a problem with the installation of Office.  Random Excel crashes, especially when Excel is closing, are also an indication of a bad installation of Office

The following are the steps to take to do the fix this problem by fixing Microsoft Office.  Keys to fixing Excel are:

If the message you are getting is an out of memory error or not enough resources, then either you do not have enough memory on your PC, you are running too many programs, multiple instances of Excel, or have many COM or VBA add-ins installed.   See memory problems for how to fix.


Window 10 and Office 365 or Office 2016, Excel 2016

Excel 2013 / Office 365

Excel 2010 Users:

Excel 2007 Users:

Excel 2003 Users:

Excel XP (2002) Users:

Excel 2000 Users:

Excel 97 Users:

If the above fails, re-install of Office.  To maximize your chance of success, do it this way:

If the above does not solve: