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New Workbook Assistant
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

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  • Tired of Excel closing when you don't want it to?  Get the Stay Open Assistant

The New Workbook Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel solves two problems we realized we had: 

New workbooks were always the same - same font, same number of sheets, etc.  They never met our immediate need.  And, we had to do several steps to add more (or fewer worksheets)

The default font for new workbooks in Excel 2007-2019 resulted in a loss of 15% of our data rows we could see on the screen.

We solved by creating the New Workbook Assistant.  When you click on its button, it displays the following dialog:

Just set the options you want, and click "Create a new workbook. If you use a font size of 10 and a row height of 12.75 (or auto adjust), then you will have 15% more rows in Excel 2007-2019.

Download Now - the New Workbook Assistant is free - no purchase required. Does not expire.  No nag screens.


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