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Formula Checking Assistant
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

FREE - No purchase required
Download now!

  • Spot formula problems easily
  • See visually all your cell references
  • Easy to use
  • Review complex spreadsheets quickly

The Formula Checking Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel is a free add-in.  No purchase is needed. It is compatible with all releases of Excel.

It only takes a few seconds to create a formula map. The following video illustrates how easy it is.  And, we didn't do the video on an simple worksheet. We did it on a fairly complex one, so we show you how it truly works.

The Formula Checking Assistant can do more than just show a formula map. It can also trace errors and let you step by step evaluate a formula. 

Don't leave your worksheets unchecked. And it only takes a minute to download, install and start checking. The installation is automatic. Just download and run!

BEST OF ALL, IT'S FREE! Download now - click here!

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