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Top Support Questions

The following products are the top support questions we receive and their answers. If you need further help or just want to confirm the answer below, e-mail us or call, US 302-584-1771, We're here 8AM-10PM US East Coast time 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Will the add-ins work in Excel 2019, 2021 and Excel for Office 365?  Will they work on the Mac?

Our products work in Excel 2010-2021 andOffice 365.   They do not work on the Mac.

Can I install the software I purchased on more than one PC and only buy one license?

You may install on the PCs on which you are the primary PC user, up to three PCs, and purchase just one license.  For example your desktop, your laptop and your home PC.  You may not install on PCs on which you are not the primary user unless a license has also been purchased for those PCs and users. 

If you have ten people who need the software installed on their PCs, then ten licenses need to be purchased.

I didn't receive an e-mail with my download instructions and it has been more than 5 minutes. When will I get it?

The download instructions email should have arrived within a minute of your order being placed.  We're sorry it did not.  It may have ended up in your spam folder.  Check there.  If not there, call us, US 302-584-1771, or e-mail us. We are here 7 days a week, and constantly monitor email.  Don't wait more than 5 minutes!! Let us know of your problem so we can solve immediately.

I ran the install, but the new ribbon tabs did not appear in Excel.  What do I make the ribbon tabs appear?
  • Sometimes, anti-virus programs block the final installation step.  See this page

I installed the software but can't figure out how to open the add-in I purchased.

If using Excel 2010-2021, just click on the new tabs added to Excel. You will find the software on the tabs. If you do not see the tabs, then go to support question 2 above.

I can't figure out how to use the software!

Click on the button that displays the main dialog.  Click on the "How to use" button.  A help and exercise file will open with step by step how to use instructions and practice data.  If this doesn't solve, contact us!

When I close Excel after installing the software, I get prompted for a password.  The one I got to download the software doesn't work.  What do I do?

This is a problem that was being caused by Google Desktop.  Thankfully, they have discontinued this product!  It is also caused by some software (not ours!) incorrect setting a registry flag.  This triggers the password prompt.  The password to download is not the right password.  And one really should not get into the code :).  All sorts of headaches can happen.

The short term cure:  Press the ESC key as fast as you can until the blasted password request box disappears.  Usually about 4-5 times.  

The long term cure:  Use the Password Prompt Fixer that we created to solve this problem.

I couldn't download my software - the download would start, but would not complete. How do I get the software? Or, I downloaded the installation EXE but I get the message "Not a valid WIN32 program"  What do I do?

Some anti-virus programs, most notably Norton, makes it very difficult to download.  They hide the download link on their dialog that warns you not to download.  Check the dialog saying not to download for a tiny link that says "continue" or "download anyway".  Why do they do this?  If they can make you more paranoid, then you are more likely to buy upgrades from them.  We do use anti-virus and will not run our our PCs without it.  We just wish it would be more helpful.

This second most frequent cause of this problem happens when one's company's IS staff is paranoid.  They prevent EXE's from being downloaded.  You should contact them for assistant.  Sometimes, downloading at home and bringing the software in on a USB drive will work, or using the CD we mail you.

This problem also happens if the internet connection is poor and one is downloading the Productivity Suite (our largest file).  Closing and re-opening your browser may help.  Also, turning off your modem, waiting a minute, and restarting, and then rebooting your PC may establish a better connection.  Downloading on another PC (home vs work) and bringing in on a USB drive (or waiting for the CD) is a solution.  If urgent, contact us and we can send you the files in smaller parts.

The message "not a valid win32 app" means that the download was not successful. Delete the file you downloaded and tried to run. Then download again.

If you still get "not a valid win32 app", then it is most likely your IS staff or an anti-virus program is modifying the download so it will not run. Or your connection is very poor.  Contact your IS staff and ask for help. Or download on a PC with a different connection (home vs work) and copy the program to a USB drive.  Test on that PC then run on your work PC.  If you get the message on your work PC, it is your IS staff or anti-virus software messing with the download.

I ran the install, but Windows said it did not run right.  Or it said I needed to re-start my PC. 

It ran fine.  Open Excel and enjoy the software!  Sometimes Windows gets confused.

When I start Microsoft Excel or try to run one of the add-ins, I get an error message like "error in module 1". 

This problem is caused by a bad installation of Office.  It is most often caused by the Microsoft service packs (SP) releases screwing up the installation of Office.

For detailed step by step instructions on how to fix, go to how to repair office

I need to re-download the software I purchased.

You can re-download the software for up to a year from your date of purchase.  This includes any new versions we release. Or if you purchased the Productivity Suite, this includes any new products we purchased.  To re-download, go to our purchased software download page.  If you have forgotten your order number and password, you can have our system find them for you by using the Get Password link and entering your email address.  If the download system does not find your order, then contact us and we will help you.

The software never expires once it is installed!!!

If you did not purchase the backup CD, and more than a year (and a little) has gone by, then email us and we will send you a half off coupon code.


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