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Cascade Chart Creator
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

  • Create colored or line style cascade charts
  • Create many charts at one time
  • Automatically add labels
  • Easily move and change labels
  • Label the bottom of the columns with
    their values

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Screen shots:

The Cascade Chart Creator add-in for Microsoft Excel allows you to create variable width and height bar charts.  It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010-2021 and Office 365.

The following is an example of a cascade chart:

example of a cascade chart

On a cascade chart the X axis represents a variable like units quantity or volume. The Y axis represents a unit rate like profit per unit or a percentage. If one were to multiply the X axis value times the Y axis value one gets a meaningful value. For example, profit per unit times units gives you profit. Thus the area for a data point represents this value.

If you plot profit per unit versus volume for your customers on a cascade chart then the shape of the data point's rectangle indicates the profitability of a customer. A tall, positive box indicates a very profitable customer. A short box with a long base indicates a customer who you are shipping a lot of product to who gives you very little profit.

The Cascade Chart Creator can also create stacked cascade charts:

example of a stacked cascade chart

To help you learn how to create cascade charts, the Cascade Chart Creator comes with an example file with sample data and step by step instructions.

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  US $29.95

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