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Spreadsheet Assistant
View Assistants Menu

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The following is the View Assistants menu that appears when you click on the View Assistants button. Any of the features can be added to Excel's quick access toolbar for instance use any time.

The View Assistants menu is full of useful features.  We like the zoom in + or - 5% increments as we can fine tune our view of our worksheets.

We are grid line haters, so you know we use the Hide/Show Grid Lines feature a lot.  Sure you can do manually, but exactly where is that feature in Excel?

If you have a set of worksheets with common data, such as mfg site or product performance data, quite often you want to view the same section of each of those worksheets. To do without the Spreadsheet Assistant, you must go to each sheet, scroll around, get frustrated, and view the data.  With the Spreadsheet Assistant, you can do it several ways. One way is to to use the Set all Sheets to the the Same View feature.  Another way is to use the Relocate Features.

If you ever need to back and forth between two different locations - different worksheets in the same workbook or different workbooks then you will understand why we added a way to store a location and return to it with just a single click.  When we are using these features, we will add them to Excel's quick access toolbar for easy use. And when we no longer need, we just delete from the toolbar until the next time.


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  US $29.95

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