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Sept 22, 2015

We want all our customers to be satisfied with their purchases.  If you are not satisfied with the software, please let us know within 30 days and we will refund your software purchase.  This applies to all of our products including our help file books on macros. 

If you are having problems, please contact us and describe the problem you are having as it is very likely we can solve it and avoid a refund. We may even be able to add a new feature to the product you purchased in order to meet your needs!

In order to get a refund, you will need to contact us and we will provide you with a special un-install code to use in the program's un-install program.  At the end of the un-install you will receive a refund code.  When you advise us of this refund code we will issue the refund for the software.  Once the un-install has run and the special un-install code has been entered, the software will not work on your PC even if re-installed.  Nor will the installation program run again on your PC. 

Sufficient order information must be provided to allow identification of your order. 

Our software install programs install only our products. We do not install any adware, malware, etc.

We provide 7 day a week phone and email support for all our products.  Maintenance agreements are not needed. Our support never expires.

Each user of our software needs to purchase a license.  If your company installs or uses our software on multiple work computers, they need to purchase multiple licenses, one for each such computer.  A user may purchase one license and install the software on a single work computer and on a home computer.  Software collections may not be broken up and shared among users or computers.  License agreement

If you purchase the Productivity Suite and we release new products (all new products are automatically included in the Productivity Suite), you may download the new products for free for up to a year purchase.   If you purchased an individual add-in and we release a new version, you may download the new version for free for up to a year from your purchase.

All customers are emailed an order ID and password that allow them to log in and download purchased software, upgrades, and new versions for up to a year. If you have lost the instructions, just go to the login page and request the login information be mailed to you.

If it has been more than a year since your purchase and we have released a new version, you can upgrade at half price by contacting us.   

Free software replacement is for one year from purchase.  Sufficient order information must be provided to allow identification of your order. 

When you purchase one of our products, you are given four delivery options: 

  • Immediate download only
  • Immediate download & a backup CD via regular postal mail
  • Immediate download & a backup CD via US Priority Mail (US only)
  • Immediate download & a backup CD via UPS Ground (US domestic only)

The default delivery option is immediate download and a backup CD and $8.95 is added to the checkout page for the CD.  Changing this to immediate download only eliminates the $8.95 charge.   If you need more than one backup CD, please let us know and we will send the additional needed at a nominal fee if we can do so with the ordered CD.

You may specify a different delivery address from the ordering address.  If you do not wish a receipt sent with the shipment, please advise immediately after ordering so we can insert the appropriate CD.

If you change the delivery to immediate download only, we strongly encourage you to make a backup copy of the installation file you download. After a year, replacements are half price.

We have evaluation copies available for all of our products. 

R. W. Flanagan
Owner and Manager

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