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Product FAQ's

What versions of Excel do the add-ins work in?

Our add-ins and books work in 32 bit and 64 bit Excel for Office 365, and Excel 2010-2021 for Windows.   There are no Mac versions.

I have a Microsoft Excel question.  Can you help me?

If your question is about our add-in products, yes we can help you. If your question is about how to use Microsoft Excel, then you should contact Microsoft or post a note on an Excel user group.   We provide free support on our add-ins.  If our add-ins can provide a solution to you, we will of course let you know at no charge.

What do you mean by "a downloadable book"?

Our books are actually Windows help files just like you would see if you pressed F1 for help.  When you purchase a book you download the installation file which installs the help files. You can browse through the books by clicking from chapter to chapter or topic to topic.  You can also use the search button and then either the Search or Find option to find a topic of interest. The Find option is extremely powerful and is just like the index at the back of a book.

Are your add-ins COM add-ins or VBA add-ins?

All of our Microsoft Excel add-ins are written in VBA.  VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications and is the macro programming language that comes built into Microsoft Excel.  Some companies write their products in other languages (C++, Delphi, ...) and then they must release compiled add-ins.  These are called COM add-ins.  The advantage of writing in VBA and not compiling is the avoidance of memory problems that COM add-ins frequently create.  Our add-ins are VBA add-ins, not COM add-ins and thus do not cause memory problems with Microsoft Excel as Microsoft Excel manages the memory.

How complex is it to install the software?

The installation is very easy and simple.  All of our installation programs are fully automated.  All you need to do is close Excel and select the automated installation options.

Do I need any special software to be able to open the books?

No, the help files are totally compatible with all versions of Windows. You just run the installation program which copies the files to your machine.

How do I get to the books when I need them?

Click on the Time Saver tab. On the far right are buttons that open the books for you.

Can I copy the example macro code into my spreadsheets?

Yes, just highlight the code you want and select Edit/Copy.

Can I print the books?

Yes. It will be a lot of pages. We recommend that you just print the topics of interest to save paper.

What does the Spreadsheet Assistant do?

The Spreadsheet Assistant adds over 200 new features and functions to Excel to make it easier to use and to save you time. The features are added to the existing menus, to a new Assistants menu, and to the pop-up menus.

Is the Spreadsheet Assistant Microsoft Office compatible?

Yes. It has passed independent testing by Veritest for Microsoft Office compatibility.

Has the Spreadsheet Assistant been evaluated by ZDnet and other software locations? If so, what was it rated?

Yes, and we are very proud of the results. ZDnet rated it 5 stars and PC Computing magazine gave it their "Best of the Net" rating.   Jesse Berst's AnchorDesk called it a "Killer Add-in" in their weekly letter. And we have improved it significantly since then!

Do you offer any special deals?

Yes. We bundle our software in collections to offer you deals you can't resist!

Can we order via purchase order?

Yes. Just e-mail it to us via our contact us page. Purchase orders can be attached to your note.

How secure is the on-line ordering service?

It is extremely secure. We researched a number of services before picking this one. You will see a lock symbol on the order screens indicating  that all credit card information is encrypted.

I have a computer at home and one at work. Do I need to buy two copies of the programs?

No. Our license agreement allows you to install the software on two machines used by one user and only pay for one license.

How do I see the code for the Spreadsheet Assistant?

The Spreadsheet Assistant is an add-in and cannot be viewed or modified by a user. The code is password protected and the password is scrambled to prevent it from being unlocked.  Our electronic book Macros Made Easy for Microsoft Excel contains examples of many of the features in the Spreadsheet Assistant.

Can I adapt the code in the books on macros to the applications I develop?

Yes, as long as the applications are not sold in competition with our products.

Is there a manual on the Spreadsheet Assistant?

The manual is an exercise file. The exercise file is very detailed and lets you try out many of the features on practice data.  If we don't have an exercise on the feature you are interested in, just create some test data.  All of the features are very easy to use.

How do I get support for the programs?

Support is available several ways.

I upgraded to a new release of Excel and no longer have the Spreadsheet Assistant menu or menu additions. How do I get it back?

Re-run the install program. If the version of Excel is supported then the Spreadsheet Assistant will re-appear.  If not, an upgrade will be needed.

I typed in and did not get to your page but got to Mamdouh Barakat Risk Management's page instead. What happened to your page?

Our page is spelled with a hyphen.

I need a special purpose macro written and cannot figure out how to do it. Can you help?

Certainly.  Call us at 302-584-1771 (7 days a week 8 -10 US east coast time) or contact us via our online contact form and describe what you need done.

What do I do if I find a bug in the Spreadsheet Assistant?

Contact us via our online contact form and tell us how to recreate the problem.

I have used some of the new functions in a spreadsheet that I share with other users who do not have the Spreadsheet Assistant and they get error values for these functions. What do I do?

The best solution is to purchase copies of the Spreadsheet Assistant for the other users. They will benefit and our quantity discounts make this the low cost approach.

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