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Spreadsheet Assistant
A time saving add-in product for Microsoft Excel

  • Excel 2010-2021, Office 365 compatible
  • Adds over 200 time saving features to Excel
  • Any feature can be added to the quick access toolbar for ease o fuse
  • All features are available from the ribbon
  • Easy to learn with the help and exercise file

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Screen shots:

The Spreadsheet Assistant® is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that adds many useful features and functions to Excel to make it even easier to use.

The Spreadsheet Assistant adds the following ribbon tab to Excel.  Click on the following buttons to see the many features that have been added:

In addition, when you purchase the Spreadsheet Assistant, you get the Custom Tab Creator for free!  It allows you to create custom ribbon tabs like the following

custom Excel ribbon tab

With the Custom Tab Creator, you can export and import tabs. This lets you share tabs.  To import the above tab, install the Spreadsheet Assistant trial and then download and follow the instructions on custom-tab.xlsx. You can then modify the tab to be just as you want it  We found that we no longer need the built-in tabs, and just work from our custom tab!

The many features of the Spreadsheet Assistant lets you quickly perform an incredible number of time saving tasks.  For example, there are File Assistants for quick access to your favorite workbooks and directories, Select and Fill Assistants that select and copy cells without scrolling the screen, and an Any Math Action Assistant that performs any arithmetic changes on an entire range. Any of the features can be added to Excel's quick access toolbar or added to the Spreadsheet Assistant's quick access menu.

Kirk Johnson wrote us regarding the Spreadsheet Assistant:  "I want to say that you have let me know just how underpowered the world's leading spreadsheet really is without your add-ins!! You have done a terrific job with this and I want to say that you deserve every bit of the 40 for it!   I paid for the entire suite which is a good bargain as well!! Microsoft really ought to work with you to have this as a normal feature of their program."
  • James Powell the editor of WinMag says "the Spreadsheet Assistant is a Must ... Bottom Line: A worthwhile time-saving addition to Excel."

The Spreadsheet Assistant comes with an exercise workbook with step by step instructions that helps you quickly learn many of the new features it adds to Excel. There are exercises on the new file features, the new edit features, and the new select features to name just a few. The exercise workbook contains many exercises designed to give you hands on training with the new time saving features.

The Spreadsheet Assistant's top ten time saving features

More customer testimonials:

Jim Howe wrote  "I am overdue in complimenting you on your Productivity Package that includes the Spreadsheet Assistant and Visual Basic Macros Made Easy.  It is an amazing accomplishment.  If I don't learn Visual Basic now I am hopeless.  Your explanations are so thorough and your code so loaded with helpful comments.  I have been using the macro recorder for a while now but with your inspiration am starting to write a few little bits of my own.  I really love the options you give at the bottom of the Spreadsheet Assistant dialog  box ("Run Cmd" Assign to Button Help ).  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that my favorite utilities are the 5% zoom buttons but I have always appreciated things that are both simple and useful.  They should be standard buttons for all applications.  I didn't want to start out by saying what a bargain this package is because it kind of carries an unspoken "good for the price" evaluation.  However I have to say that your Productivity Suite is truly an amazing bargain.  Congratulations."

Barry Haigh wrote  "I use the Spreadsheet Assistant every day and it performs flawlessly each time; do not know what I did without it."

Andy Milcoy a long time user who upgraded to the latest release of the Spreadsheet Assistant wrote  "I continue to use your tremendous software on a regular basis and have lost track of how much time even the most basic of features have saved me.  More than the cost of the software several times over.  I have recently upgraded to Office 97 and NT4 and am glad that the software still runs as efficiently under the new environment as it ever did.  Thanks for the upgrade .. wow .. still so good."

Robert Hammond wrote  "Spoke with the Controller this morning. She is going to clear the Spreadsheet Assistant with our network guy (more courtesy than true veto) and had me demo the Assistant & Report Runner to two of our more computer literate accountants. It was great fun watching their eyes getting bigger & bigger. And then they read the list of macros in The Assistant. They are both sold. ..... Again thanks for a product that actually makes me hate Excel & Bill Gates a little less."

Trevor Smithers wrote  "Just a short note to thank you for the excellent software recently purchased from you: Spreadsheet Assistant, Report Runner Data Loader & VB Macros. They really do make life a lot easier."

Steven Berge, a long time customer, wrote "You provide the BEST support. Thanks for the coupon; I ordered an updated spreadsheet assistant. It is the BEST!"

John Fazzio wrote:  " I just want you to know how awesome I think this program is. I use it literally every day."

Brian Hannon wrote: "You have a terrific product and I would recommend it to anyone who needs some additional software assistance (as I and my clients do) in using Excel."

Sherwood Sterling wrote:  "I have been using this add-in for many years and have found it to be an enormous time saver and wonderfully designed. The personal help and response from is also exceptional. Great stuff!"

David Brueck wrote:  "I live in Excel all day every day and can't imagine being without Spreadsheet Assistant (been using since at least 2004).....when I help someone else with Excel at their computer, it's frustrating to have to remember the non-SA way of doing favorites besides the indispensable toolbar are the Conditional Select Assistant and Sheet assistant......I'm excited to see how I can use some of the other tools in the Productivity Suite to improve my work output and efficiency....  Thanks for a great product!"


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  US $29.95

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