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Money back

Trial versions of our Microsoft Excel Add-ins

Each of our add-in products have a ten day trial version that you can download by going to the product's information page.  Each product's evaluation period is independent from each other.

When you run an install, a new ribbon tab is added. If you do not see the new tab, follow these instructions to make the tab appear.

To run an add-in, go to its tab and just click on a button or its menu items.

The easiest way to evaluate the products is to open their exercise files, which provide step by step instructions on how to use.  The exercise files are easily accessed either from the "How to use" button on the main dialog, or from a "How to Use" menu item if they have a drop down menu on the ribbon.

Replacing a trial version with a purchased licensed version

  • If you have a trial version installed, just run the purchased install exe. It will automatic replace the trial version.

If you need to un-install, do the following

Automatic approach: 

  • Close Excel and run the product's un-install in Control Panel, Programs and Features.

Manual un-install:

Step 1 of manual un-install:

    • Excel 2010-2021 : File, Options, Add-ins, GO button. A small dialog will appear.
    • Excel 2007: Office button, Excel Options, Add-ins, GO button.  a small dialog will appear.

Step 2 of manual un-install:

  • Uncheck "Add-in Mgr 2007-2013.xlam" and close the dialog

If you have any troubles, problems, or questions, please contact us.  We are available 7 days a week, 8AM-10PM US East coast time.

If you get an error message when Excel opens up after the install, it is a problem with the installation of Office.  It affects about 1 out of 250 users, and normally on PCs that come with Excel pre-installed.  To solve, see our page on how to repair Microsoft Office

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