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Excel, Office, and PC Newsletters

The following are newsletters that we receive. Not many, as those we have tried in the past tend to repeat the same tips over and over and are just too commerical in pushing their products.  We'd rather read just read one or two and not have to wade through a ton of advertising.

The Excel Addict newsletter by Francis Hayes - Great Excel tips.  We learn something all the time from the newsletter.  And the tips are sent out weekly.

Windows Secrets newsletter - Focus is on Windows and PC issues. Well worth reading.   And also weekly!  It is our favorite non-Excel newsletter.  We normally drop everything and read it when it pops into our inbox.

Allen Wyatt's Excel Tips newsletter - Allen does an excellent job of helping one learn useful features in Excel.  The sign-up link is on the right side. You may have to scroll down a little to see it! We have been subscribing to it for more years than we want to mention :).


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