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Microsoft Excel Add-ins
All of our add-ins are compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010-2021 and Office 365.

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Provides information on all installed add-ins for Microsoft Excel.
Easily split addresses in one cell into multiple cells. Fix zip codes needing leading zeros.

Backup Assistant Automatically backup files when you open them and before you modify them (or back them up at your convenience).
Box and Whisker
        Plot Creator
Create quartile, percentile, or statistical box and whisker plots
Bubble Chart
Quickly and easily create bubble charts from your data.

Cascade Chart
Create cascade charts that help you explain how different products contribute to earnings or cost.
Cell Color
Create your own toolbar of buttons to quickly and easily format cells and rows.
Chart Labeler Easily label and re-arrange your chart points.


Create checkbook worksheets and easily re-arrange the entries in the same order that your bank shows them on its web page.
Chess Ranking
Calculate chess rankings for the members of your chess club
Cluster Stacked
    Column Chart
Easily create clustered stacked column charts.
Colored Cells
Create equations that work off of colored cells. Sum cells based on color.
Colored Cells Sorter Sort rows based on cell background color
Column Assistant Easily move and re-arrange your columns.
Quickly and easily find and go to any column on a worksheet via a descriptive list of all the columns!
Make comments easy to manage and modify.
Compare Columns
Easy compare one or more columns in a list or between lists.

Compare Lists

Compare lists in excel and quickly identify the differences.
Conditional Format
Easily format cells based on multiple tests.
Consolidate worksheets from multiple workbooks.
Copy Columns
Easily copy columns between worksheets based on column titles
Copy Information
Select and copy information without searching and searching
Copy Move
Copy or move rows between worksheets with just a single click!
CSV File Creator Create CSV files the easy way, without Excel's warning messages.
Custom Tab
Create your own custom ribbon tabs

Data Assistant Convert data into a form usable by pivot tables.
Data Cleaner Eliminate tedious manual repetitious editing of data.
Data Consolidator Consolidate multiple data rows into one
Data Extraction
Extract data from worksheet to multiple worksheets based on row entries.
Data Loader Make Excel data loading easier.
Directory Lister Windows Explorer in an Excel worksheet.
Dot Plot Creator Easily create dot plots with or without connecting lines and uncertainty bars.
Duplicate Finder
       & Deleter
Quickly find, copy, and delete duplicates in one list or between two lists.

Bookmark your favorite files and folders for quick access.
File Assistant See a list of the past 100 files you have opened!  Easily re-open any file.
Filter Assistant Easily filter your data with just a click of a button.
Find Assistant Find upward in a list or column versus the downward only option of Excel
Flash Card
Learn by displaying flash cards.
Formula Checking
Trace formulas on many cells at one time versus manually one at a time

Gold Assistant Change your entire approach on to do list management.

Hide Columns
Easily hide the columns you don't want to see so you can focus on the columns you do want to see!
Turn your data into a histogram instantly.

Link Finder Easily find and remove links to any workbook.
List Assistant Effortlessly re-arrange rows and cells.
List Searcher Search lists for matches to key words or phrases.
Loan Assistant Determine the cost and cash flows of loans. Analyze loan payments and cash flow.
Lookup Assistant Match data from one list to another the easy way.

Macro Examples Get over 1200 macro examples for Microsoft Excel in a downloadable book (Windows help file and pdf formats). These examples are new and not a repeat of the ones in Macros Made Easy.
Macros Made
A downloadable book (Windows help file and pdf formats) on how to write macros for Microsoft Excel.
Match and Mark
Easily compare up to 10 lists all at the same time
Mekko Chart
Create Mekko charts that show three dimensions of data.
Merge Assistant Merge (concatenate) multiple cells many different ways.
Multi-Cell Goal

Do goal seek on multiple cells automatically.

Multi-Chart Creator Create hundreds of charts quickly and easily.

Name Splitter Easily split names into individual cell entries.
New Workbook
Create new workbooks or worksheets the right way the first time

Panel Chart
Use panel charts to make complex multi-line charts easy to understand
Easily lock and unlock worksheets.
Pivot Table
Make using pivot tables easier.
Price List Updater Easily and quickly update prices or cost between two lists.

QAT AssistantBackup and restore the Quick Access Toolbar
Quick Chart
Use just one chart for hundreds of rows of data.
Quick Notes
Create quick note paper in a grid or mosaic layout.

Random Number
Random numbers the easy way.
Random Sampler Easily select a random sample of your data.
Randomizer Easily create multiple randomized copies of your lists.
Report Runner Automatically print multiple Excel reports.
Report to Data
Convert reports to worksheet data.
Risk Analyzer Do decision and risk analysis the easy way.
Row Assistant Hide or show rows based on many different search criteria.
Row Extractor Extract rows of data into columns for easy review and printing.
Row to Column
View all the data on a row at one time!

Scanner Assistant Import scanned pictures, arrange, and create PDF files
Scrollbar Fixer Fix scrollbars when they scroll to far.
Do numerous "what if" and sensitivity analysis cases in seconds.
Sensitivity Chart
Easily create sensitivity or tornado charts.
Sheet Change
Quickly return to a worksheet that you had recently been on
Sheet Navigator Move from sheet to sheet with great ease. View a list of all your sheets with one click!
Significant Digit
Add a key feature Microsoft forgot.
Sort Assistant Save and re-use sort settings across worksheets and workbooks
Add over 200 time saving features to Excel.  Get the features Microsoft forgot!
Startup Assistant Automatically open any list of files you want open when you open Excel.
Stay Open
Keep Excel from closing when you close your last workbook!

Text File
Import ASCII or text files with over a million lines!
To Do List
Easily manage and re-arrange your to do lists.

Unique Extractor Determine the number of occurrences and frequency of data entries.  Extract matching entries based on an IF test.

Waterfall Chart
Create waterfall charts the easy way.
Word Shifter Shift words from one cell to the next with just the click of a button.
Workbook Print
Print multiple worksheets from multiple workbooks at one time.

Y Value
Fix missing chart data problems.

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