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Stay Open Assistant
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

FREE - Download Now

  • Tired of Excel closing when you don't want it to?  Get the Stay Open Assistant

The Stay Open Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel keeps Microsoft Excel open when you close your last file as Excel closes automatically in these releases when one closes the last file.   This saves you time as you don't have to wait for Excel to re-open again.   It is simple to use!  Just click on the "Close and Stay Open" button on the new Time Saver tab whenever you want want to close a file. You will be prompted to save your workbook if there are any changes to it.  If this is your last open file, then Excel will stay open with a new workbook for your use!

Suggestion for quick access:  Right click on the Close and Stay Open button on the Timer Saver tab (new tab with our add-ins) and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.  This way, it will be just a click away when you need it. And, then get in the happen of using it whenever you close an Excel file!

Download Now - the Stay Open Assistant is free - no purchase required. Does not expire.  No nag screens.


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