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Y Value Estimator
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

  • Estimate missing data values for your charts
  • Replace error values with estimates

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The Y Value Estimator add-in for Microsoft Excel fixes problems with missing data values or values.  For example if you have blanks or error values in your data, the Y Value Estimator will replace these values with an estimated value.  For example, if your data is "100 blank 200" the Y Value Estimator will put in the estimate of "150" for the blank value. 

If instead of blanks you have zeros, for example "100 0 200" and plot the data, you will end up with a strange looking chart.  By using the Y Value Estimator the zeros can be replaced with an estimate giving a much better looking chart.

Other features of the Y Value Estimator allow you to specify IF tests and replace the value with an estimate if it is outside of a reasonable range.

The Y Value Estimator is completely menu driven.  The menus are easy to follow and use.  And to help you learn how to use the features of the Y Value Estimator there is an exercise file that provides hands on practice.

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  US $19.95

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