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New Microsoft Excel Add-ins

We are always creating new Microsoft Excel add-ins.   All are part of the Productivity Suite.  If you purchase the Suite, you get any new products we add in the next year just be downloading the latest install.  And our products never expired. You can use year after year.

Introduced in 2016:

  • QAT Assistant - FREE add-in to backup and restore the Quick Access Toolbar

Introduced in 2015:

  • Excel 2016 compatible versions of all our add-ins
  • Sort Assistant - Save and re-use sort settings across worksheets and workbooks
  • Copy Information Assistant - Select and copy information without searching and searching
  • Hide Columns Assistant - Easily hide the columns you don't want to see so you can focus on the columns you do want to see!
  • Connect Cells Assistant - Connect entries in lists with arrows to see which entries have changed position

Introduced in 2014:

Introduced in 2013:

  • Picture and Video Assistant - Free! Combine your pictures and videos into one video, in chronological order!
  • Custom Tab Creator - Create your own custom ribbon tabs!
  • 2013 compatible versions of all our add-ins, with an easy to use ribbon tabs and buttons
    • Any button for any any add-in can now be added to Excel's quick access toolbar
  • New Workbook Assistant - Free! - Create new workbooks or worksheets the right way the first time
  • Stay Open Assistant - Free! - Keep Excel from closing when you close your last workbook!

Introduced in 2012:

Introduced in 2011:

Introduced in 2010:

  • Column Assistant - Easily move and re-arrange your columns
  • Gold Assistant - Change your entire approach on to do list management
  • Comments Assistant - Make comments easy to manage and modify
  • Data Loader 7.0 - We greatly improved the Data Loader by adding a super fast load option.  We were able to load 100,000 new prices in just a few minutes
  • Price List Updater - Easily and quickly update prices or cost between two lists
  • Randomizer - Easily create multiple randomized copies of your lists
  • Lookup Assistant 3.0 - We have done a major update to the Lookup Assistant.  We have added new features and made it easier to use
  • Colored cascade charts with the latest release of the Cascade Chart Creator
  • Shortcut Maker - Free Window Product - Easily navigate to any file, folder, URL or program with just two clicks
  • Scrollbar Fixer - Excel add-in - Fix scrollbars when they scroll to far
  • List Searcher - Excel add-in - Search lists for matches to key words or phrases

Introduced in 2009:

  • Colored Cells Assistant version 3 - many new capabilities.  Sum, count, or do any Excel function on just colored cells
  • Compare Lists Assistant - Compare lists in excel and quickly identify the differences
  • ISO NSVRP CSV File Creator - This is a very special add-in for companies who must submit CSV files for the U.S. government NMVTIS program.  It creates files with the correct titles, order, and special formatting required for the data to be processed.  Although not part of the Productivity Suite download (too narrow of a demand), any customer purchasing the Productivity Suite will receive this program free on request
  • Row Assistant - Hide or show rows based on many different search criteria
  • Unique Extractor - Determine the number of occurrences and frequency of data entries.  Extract matching entries based on an IF test
  • Workbook Print Assistant - Print multiple worksheets from multiple workbooks at one time

Introduced in 2008:

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