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Spreadsheet Assistant
Formula Assistants Menu

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The following is the Formula Assistants menu that appears when you click on the Formula Assistants button. Any of the features can be added to Excel's quick access toolbar for instance use any time.

The Formula Assistants is full of functions that will save you time.  One we use a lot is the Perform Any Math Action feature.  We just select a range of cells, click the menu item, type in the action (ex: + 100 , * 25, etc) and click OK.  Instantly the cells are modified - and existing formulas retained!  It has saved us endless hours of work.

If you ever import numbers from the internet or or from accounting systems like  SAP, the numbers that come in either are text entries that you can't use because Excel doesn't recognize them as numbers, or they have the minus sign on the right (6-) instead of the left (-6).  The Spreadsheet Assistant adds two features that solves this problem: Convert Text Numbers to Numbers and Convert Trailing Negatives to Leading Negatives.

The Spreadsheet Assistant also adds a number of useful functions to Excel: View a list of the new functions added to Excel


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  US $29.95

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