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An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

  • Randomize entire rows
  • Randomize just the cells in a selection
  • Source worksheet is never modified
  • Output is always to a new worksheet
          to protect your original data
  • Make multiple random list - each different

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The Randomizer add-in for Microsoft Excel will quickly and easily create randomized copies of your lists.  It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2021 and Office 365.

The Randomizer has options that allow you to randomize entire rows, just the rows in a selection, or to randomize a range of cells:

randomize lists with the randomizer.

Use it to randomize lists of employees, teams, or tasks!  You can have one list of people and next to it a list of tasks.  Use it to randomize both lists so that the assignment of tasks to a person is complete random.

The following dialog shows the output options of the Randomizer:


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  US $19.95

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