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Addin Information Lister for Microsoft Excel
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

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  • List all the add-ins running when Excel starts
  • Easily remove or re-install add-ins
  • Easily remove COM add-ins - most are not needed and sneak-in - and they can cause major memory problems in Excel

The Addin Information Lister for Excel not only provides a way to list your add-ins, but it provides easy access to installed VBA add-ins and COM Add-ins.  It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2021 and Excel for Office 365.

The Add-In Information Lister provides a list of all installed VBA add-ins for Excel, their file location, and their opening order.   For example:

If you un-install an add-in via Tools/Add-ins and un-checking the add-in, Excel will frequently drop the add-in from the list.  If you do not know where the add-in file is located, it becomes difficult to add back.  This add-in is also useful if you have gotten a new machine or are re-installing Excel as it creates a list in a new workbook of all your installed and opened add-ins.

Managing COM add-in access is difficult to do in Excel.  Unfortunately, COM add-ins frequently cause memory problems.  Removal of unneeded COM add-ins that sneak into your Excel install is essential to keep Excel from crashing.

Download Now - the Add-in Information Lister is free - no purchase required. Does not expire.  No nag screens.


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