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Chess Ranking Assistant
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

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Latest release: 8.57, Oct 26, 2022
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The Chess Ranking Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel creates internal chess rankings for chess clubs. It is menu driven and easy to use.  It works only on PCs. IT IS FREE FOREVER.

The Chess Ranking Assistant uses the Glicko rating system developed by Mark Glickman, described best by the following two papers:

With the Glicko rating system, if a player plays a stronger player and wins, their ranking goes up significantly. If they play a weak player and win, the ranking goes up only a little!  With the ranking system, one is encouraged to play stronger players to improve one's ranking the most.

To use the Chess Ranking Assistant, you will need Excel 2007 or higher (and a PC, as it does not work on Macs).   After running the install, a new ribbon tab will appear:

The Chess Ranking Assistant is fully menu driven. One first uses the option "Create Workbook". This creates a new workbook with three sheets: a player list sheet, a match sheet and a form to use to record matches when played at your club.  One uses the Add/Edit Players to add players. After adding players, one uses Add Matches to add matches.  Once this is done, one just runs Update All.  A number of sheets are created:  a wins & losses sheet, a ranking by rank sheet, a ranking by player sheet, matches played, and individual player sheets showing who they have played.

You can display results sheets (wins & losses matrix, ratings by player, ratings by rank) either for all players or for those who have played in the past X days (you control the X!).

Any or all of the sheets in the Chess Ranking Assistant workbook can be exported as a PDF file using the Export as PDF option. The PDF file can then be emailed to players.

Printing the Win and Losses matrix sheet on a color printer and taping together is a great way to display standings at your club.  For even more impressive output, make the print 125% of regular size.

The Chess Ranking Assistant works in Microsoft Excel 2007-2021 and Office 365.  It does not work on the Mac. If someone wants to convert to the Mac, we will provide the source code, as long as the converted product is free.

Suggestions on improving the Chess Ranking Assistant should be sent to us via our contact form.

Download the install file  No purchase ever required. No limitations.  Works on PCs only.

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