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Other Excel Problems and Solutions

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I need to routinely print several reports from the same worksheet, but I have to open all the files and select the different areas; the whole process takes too long.   Use the Report Runner to automate the printing of files and reports, instead of doing them all manually.
I work with spreadsheets that are always changing and sometimes I need to access old copies. I don't want to continue renaming the same files over and over again; are there any of your products that could help?   Yes, there is. The Backup Assistant automatically backs up your documents or spreadsheets. You choose how often to produce backups, and their destination folder, for easy access any time you need them.
I need to perform monte carlo risk analysis but all the programs I have tried are not compatible with my coworkers' computers who need to view my analyses.   The Risk Analyzer performs Monte Carlo simulations to produce tables and graphics that illustrate the risks of a proposal. Our Risk Analyzer does NOT embed special functions in your workbooks so you will NEVER have to buy additional software to allow others to view your analysis.  Simply do the analysis and send them the workbooks.  They can use them without having to spend hundreds of dollars on programs they don't need.
Every time I open some of my Excel workbooks I receive a message notifying me of the active links in my workbook that are linked to other workbooks. I need to get rid of the links but I have too many to find and delete manually.  And sometimes I can not find the links!   The Link Finder identifies any links in your workbook(s) and allows you to safely modify or delete them.
I opened up a file two days ago and now I can't find it, nor can I remember what I saved it as.   The File Assistant keeps a list that gives you instant access to the past 100 files you have opened, so you will always be able to locate your files, even if you forgot their directory or file name.
I deleted a file accidentally, is there a way to get it back, even if I already emptied my recycle bin?   Yes, there is. The Backup Assistant makes backup copies of your workbooks so you can stop worrying about deleting, or even mistakes in modifying your work! You choose the backup destination folder and the frequency of backups, and the Backup Assistant does the rest!
I password protected a worksheet and now I don't remember the password. Is there any way to access my work worksheet?   Yes, the Password Assistant allows you to unlock password protected worksheets.

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