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Excel Data and List Problems and Solutions

Problem   Solution
I have a mailing list with hundreds of entries but I need to remove duplicates so mail won't be delivered twice.   The Duplicate Finder & Deleter instantly identifies all the duplicates in your database and allows you to delete them as well.  Duplicates can first be identified for review prior to deletion to insure you get the result you want.
I have two lists of data and I need to find the duplicates between the lists.
  The Duplicate Finder & Deleter can easily find duplicate entries in one list that are in another.  You can copy, color, mark (column entry), or delete the duplicates.
My list has over 40,000 rows of data.  Other such products take over an hour to run.  How fast is the Duplicate Finder & Deleter?
  The Duplicate Finder & Deleter is designed to be fast.  In our tests of 65,000 rows, the duplicates were removed in 7 minutes.
I have lists containing zip codes with unnecessary leading zeros that I need to remove. Is there a better way to remove them than manually?
Use the Address Assistant to remove leading zeros, split addresses into individual columns for street address, city, state, and zip code, or for several other easy address modifications.
I have thousands of names in a workbook and need to change all of the upper case entries to proper case.   Use the Data Cleaner that completely eliminates the manual cleaning of data by allowing you to build your own edit rules for modifying data. Ask the Data Cleaner to change case, convert "text" numbers to digits, remove blanks, as well as several other options!
I have two lists that I need to combine containing addresses but one list uses "Street" while the other uses the abbreviation "St.". Do I have to change all of the addresses manually?  
No, you don't. The Data Cleaner can do this task for you!  You simply create a set of edit rules (ex: change "Street" to "St".   And, you can store the edit rules so you can use them again and again.
I need to rearrange many rows in my spreadsheet but it is a very tedious task of cutting and pasting.   The List Assistant contains several different buttons that help you organize and clean up worksheet rows quickly and easily. You can move rows anywhere on your spreadsheet with one click of a button.
I have to open a text file that has over 100,000 data lines and Excel won't open it, what can I do?  
Use the Text File Importer to quickly and easily import text files that contain over one million rows of data.

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