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Spreadsheet Assistant Improvements

The latest release of the Spreadsheet Assistant is 12.71.  It is Excel 2007-2021 and Office 365 compatible. 

Latest improvements:

  • Moved the Custom Tab Creator tab button and the Image ID button to a menu tab at the start of the Time Saving Collection to make it easier to find both buttons.  When one purchases the Spreadsheet Assistant, one also gets the Custom Tab Creator
  • Add a picture showing where the Image ID tab is located.  This is used to create buttons with the Custom Tab Creator
  • Modified the quick access dialog to auto center on the active excel window
  • Modified the Conditional Select Assistants so one can select an entire workbook to search versus being required to select a range in the used range.
  • Fixed a problem with dialogs being disabled in the compare two lists feature
  • Updated the VisibleCells function
  • Improvements made to the Favorite Files and Folders feature.  One nice one is the ability to set font size to a larger font.
  • Modified to work better with OneDrive and Cloud locations in the Cloud that save files with a http path or "\.." path
  • Fixed a Windows 10 bug that caused dialog to appear incorrectly and difficult to read or use.
  • Product review and improvements
  • Added a CountWord feature that handles text copied from the Internet. Such text often contains "html spaces" which prevent formula approaches from counting the words accurately.
  • Fixed a bug in the Find Next Entry Down feature
  • Added the Classic File SaveAs To File Assistants. This can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and is a much faster way to save a new workbook.
  • Added a feature under Assistants, Edit Assistants to replace accented letters with keyboard letters
  • Added new features to the compare range feature found under Assistants, Data Assistants
  • Added a new feature to find the first cell beginning with the text that is entered.  This feature is found on the Assistant's tab under Conditional Select.
  • Minor improvements and a fix to the select every N rows.  
  • Added the Find a Command feature to the bottom right corner of the Assistants Tab for fast access
  • Improved the Find a Command feature to do fuzzy search. You can type in key words in any order for a search
  • Added the feature location of a found command to the search results and also to the list of all commands found on the All Commands list
  • - Further improved the Combined Cells into One feature
  • Make the dialogs on saving or closing multiple files at one time much larger, which makes it easier to select files
  • Improved the Combine Cells into One feature found under Assistants, Edit Assistants.


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