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Chess Ranking Assistant Improvements

The latest release of the Chess Ranking Assistant is 8.45.  It is Excel 2007-2021 and Office 365 compatible. 

To upgrade to the latest version, download the latest install.  It is a free add-in.

Latest improvements:

  • Modified so that the set to summary printout on Wins & Losses output worksheet is also applied to group worksheets.
  • Minor speed improvements, added additional processing messages
  • Fixed spelling error on a dialog
  • Fixed an error that occured if minimum meetings required to show a person on the ladder was set to 2 or more.  A recent change had caused the problem.
  • Improved the layout of entries on the Chess tab
  • Fixed the group feature.  We had simplified the pages created and this required a fix for the group feature
  • Fix an error message that appeared in the previous release for some users.
  • Fixed an issue with the previous update not working for new users.
  • Added an option to print just a summary of the Wins & Losses page
  • Added the option to excluded players based on the number of meetings attended.  This prevents a player from attending say just 1 or 2 meetings and then being listed for many months.
  • Two users with PCs without a lot of Ram reported memory issues after a number of graphs were created.  We modified the Chess Ranking Assistant to give the option to not create any graphs when the Update All option is run. And we added an option to then process graphs in batches. This allows the user to close Excel and re-open to clear Excel's memory so more graphs can be processed. 
  • Add a way to load matches in batches.
  • Fix a problem with apostophes in hyperlinks on the ndex page
  • Added the date updated to the index page
  • Expanded the win-loss data shown on individual player lists to include inactive opponents that player may have played.
  • Fix a problem with the first player's page not being shown correctly if one chose not to show player ranks on the win-loss page.
  • Improved the What If results workbook
  • Fixed the Export as Web Page to export the What If Results workbook
  • Small comment fix on index page on web page export
  • Added auto selection of group sheets on web page export
  • Fixed a bug preventing web export
  • Put group summaries in their own column on the index sheet
  • Removed links to not exported pages on the index page when a web export is done
  • Added what group a player belongs to on the individual player sheets
  • Added a return to index link on group pages
  • Added a note on the index page indicating the basis of the player list displayed on the index