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Could not find "___1.htm" when button clicked

Some users, will get a message like "_____1.htm could not be found. Check the spelling....", where "______" is a name related to the button or add-in. For example, "assistnt1.htm" or "todoassistant1.htm".

The problem is caused by a corrupt XLB file which Excel creates and updates each time Excel is closed.  It can happen to a new user or a long time user. 

The cure is simple: delete the current XLB file.  Excel will recreate a new one.  The easy way to delete is to use the XLB File Deleter, which is designed to find and delete XLB files.

If you have any special toolbars or menu customizations (few users have), they will be deleted and you will need to recreate them.

If our automated system mailed you a link to this support note and it solved your problem, please email us!  It will save us replying manually.  And if it did not cure, please let us know!  

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