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XLB File Deleter
An add-in product for Microsoft Excel

A FREE program to fix Excel
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  • Easily find and delete corrupt toolbar (XLB) files
  • Corrupt toolbar files prevent your custom toolbars from appearing
  • Free!

The XLB File Deleter is a FREE program that will find and delete XLB files.  XLB files are where Microsoft Excel stores the toolbar and menu settings.  It sometimes gets corrupt and the only solution is to delete it. Some of the indications of a corrupt XLB file are:

  • _____1.htm could not be found. Check the spelling.", where "______" is a name related to the button or add-in. For example, "assistnt1.htm" or "todoassistant1.htm".
  • Modifications to the toolbars and menus disappear when you close and re-open Microsoft Excel
  • Nothing happens when you click on a button (and there was no message like "error in dialog...." when you opened Excel.
  • Buttons do not run the assigned command and instead try to open a html file
  • Excel crashes when you try to open it (very rare)
  • Unusually long opening times for Excel

Prior to deleting an XLB, the XLB File Deleter confirms the request.  This allows you to delete the files, skip the files, or stop the process.  Deleting the XLB does remove any customization, which you would have to add back.

There are two options on the main (first) screen of the XLB File Deleter.  One is an option to search just document and settings only. The other is to search all files.  Almost all users only need to run the first option, search document and settings only.  The typical names of the files are: Excel11.xlb for Excel 2003, Excel12 for Excel 2007 and Excel14.xlb for Excel 2010.

Excel will create a replacement XLB file when Excel is opened and closed after the XLB file is deleted.