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Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

One of the features of Excel 2010 and higher is the quick access toolbar, QAT for short.  Most users of Excel know it as the tiny toolbar in the top left corner of Excel with the undo and redo buttons on it.

If you want to greatly speed up your work in Excel then do the following:

  • Right click on the QAT and select show below the ribbon.  This makes it easier to get too
  • Right click on any buttons you use and add to QAT
    • You can right click on buttons and menu items.  And you can do so not only on the built in tabs but also on the tabs we add. 
    • The Spreadsheet Assistant's tab gives you lots of button and menu item choices!

The more buttons you add, the less you have to go searching on the ribbon tabs for the button you want to use!

If you want to remove a button you added, just right click on the button and select remove.

If you need to edit the QAT, just right click on it and select customize.

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