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Risk Analyzer Improvements

The latest release of the Risk Analyzer is release 14.1.  It is Excel 2007-2019 and Office 365 compatible. 

Latest improvements:

  • Nov 18, 2018
    • Released Excel 2019 compatible version
    • Product review and improvements
  • Jan 17, 2018
    • Modified to handle a Microsoft error when range names referring to entire rows or columns are present in a workbook.
    • Fixed fishbone/tornado charts to display connecting lines in Excel 16/Office 365 after a Microsoft change to Excel
  • Nov 16, 2016 - Fixed a problem where some dialogs would not center if one had multiple monitors.
  • Sept 22, 2015 - Released Excel 2016 compatible version
    • It is also backward compatible with Excel 2007-2013.
  • Aug 10, 2015 - Added an option to the probability report graphs to exclude the study values from the graphs. Also added Y axis titles to the graph and an explanation of the two different titles
  • June 23, 2015 - Expanded the size of the charts on the probability distribution report to be full page wide.  This leaves room for explanations below the chart and makes each their own page if printed.
  • June 27, 2014 - Further improved the discrete function error message if user does not fill in the dialog correctly.
  • June 24, 2014 - Fixed an Excel bug with dialogs not always appearing in the center of the Excel window if the user has two or more monitors.
  • June 2, 2014 - Improved the discrete function error message if user does not fill in the dialog correctly.
  • Apr 6, 2014 - Fixed a problem with extremely large number of simulations causing an overflow error.
  • Jan 27, 2014 - Modified to fix a problem displaying dialogs in some non-English versions of Excel
  • July 1, 2013 - Modified the number of simulations dialog to fix a problem in the OK button not being active in some situations
  • May 18, 2013 - Fixed an issue when a risk premises workbook created in one local currency is updated by a user with a different local currency
  • March 7, 2013 - Released Excel 2013 compatible version with ribbon menu for ease if use.  Available all the time with just a click.
  • Nov 11, 2010 - Minor menu changes
  • Oct 26, 2010 - Modified so that distribution parameters are not updated if one runs reports; parameters are only updated if one uses the menu system to specify a distribution.  This allows one to set up tables to specify distributions for different cases.
  • June 1, 2010 - Release 11.0, Excel 2010 compatible version
  • Apr 28, 2010 - Modified so that 10/90 and expected values updated if user modifies probability premises manually and does not review the results via the menus before running the probability or sensitivity reports.
  • Feb 24, 2010 - Modified so that input range names that have not had distributions assigned are not required to have distributions before running reports or simulations
  • Nov 12, 2009 - Modified the messages on selecting title cells for multi-cell output cells to be more informative
  • Oct 21, 2009 - Modified the option to specify a random number seed to use only positive numbers and modified how randomization was set to fix a problem with random values not being repeated when a seed value was re-used.
  • Sept 5, 2009
    • Additional data checks were added to identify incorrect user edits of the risk analysis premises.
    • Fixed a problem with a distribution not being recognized as correct by the data validation routines
  • August 26, 2009
    • Modified charts used by dialogs to improve chart fit on the dialogs. 
    • Added an option to specify "no limit" to minimum and maximum values on several distributions. 
    • Added an option to specify the parameters of the normal distribution when the distribution is first created versus doing so by modifying the initial suggested values. 
    • Added a uniform integer distribution that returns just integer values.
    • Added an option to control the random number seed value. 
  • May 17, 2009 - Added the Pert distribution to the set of available distributions.  Pert distributions are excellent if one only really knows the minimum and maximum values and skewness of a value.
  • Apr 28, 2009 - Improved messages and actions that Risk Analyzer takes when differences are encountered when one changes an input or output variable's original value or converts an input cell to a formula cell.
  • Feb 5, 2009 - Modified the navigation to worksheet feature to have filters for the different types of worksheets created by the Risk Analyzer.
  • Dec 11, 2008 - Made a major modification which increases the simulation speed in Excel 2007 to extremely fast.  Excel 2003 speed was already extremely fast.
  • May 22, 2008 - Updated the digital signature and minor code modifications needed for some users after doing an service pack (SP) upgrade from Microsoft
  • May 16, 2008 - Fixed a problem that prevented one from setting one's model to a specific case.
  • July 3, 2007 - Digitally signed our installation exe and add-in using a software code signing certificate from Thawte to add another level of security and confidence in our products.  It allows users to maintain macro security on the high security setting in Excel and still run our add-ins. 
  • May 15, 2007 - Minor menu changes to better explain features
  • March 23, 2007 - Fixed problems where code for Excel 2007 charts did not work in Excel 2003
  • March 21, 2007 - Version 10 released which is compatible with Excel 2007 and backward compatible to Excel 2003
  • 2005/2006
    • Menu modifications to improve ease of use.
    • Added new reports to summarize results
    • Added an option to set the order of the probability lines in funnel charts
    • Automatically re-order report worksheets when one is updated
    • Fixed a problem in some studies with results reports being truncated
    • Modified so that an error does not occur if a printer is not setup on a PC
    • Modified sensitivity charts (fishbone charts) to allow selective display of input variables
    • Fixed problems with French and German versions of Excel

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