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Mekko Chart Creator Improvements

The latest release of the Mekko Chart Creator is 5.2. It is Excel 2007-2021 and Office 365 compatible. 

Latest improvements:

  • Fixed a Windows 10 bug that caused dialog to appear incorrectly and difficult to read or use.
  • Product review and improvements
  • Modified to greatly increase the chart speed for large sets of data where there are large numbers of blank values in the data.
  • Improved the label centering.  Previous approaches worked fine in some situations and not all in others.
  • Fixed a problem specific to Excel 2007 label centering.
  • Added a re-center label option to re-center labels if the chart area is moved or resized, or if the values are changed. 
  • ixed a problem with one of the custom format options for charts not being recognized.
  • Added an option to specify a custom format for chart labels. This allows formats like "0,,", which makes a number like 1000000 appear as 1, to be used.
  • Fixed an Excel bug with dialogs not always appearing in the center of the Excel window if the user has two or more monitors.
  • Modified top and right side total values to show a blank instead of a zero if blank. The situation would arise if each block's value was in its own row and column and right side labels were also set to appear.
  • Modified to fix a problem displaying dialogs in some non-English versions of Excel
  • Added more status bar messages and set the cursor to a wait appearance while creating a chart so that users do not think work is done when it is not
  • Modified to prevent other PC activity from preventing a chart from being created. One user had reported such a problem.
  • Added option to specify user labels for each of the rectangles on an area mekko chart. Minor changes.
  • Modified to exclude blank rows and columns from appearing if blank rows or columns in the data.
  • Modified to automatically hide labels if value is zero

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