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Checkbook Assistant Improvements

The latest release of the Checkbook Assistant is 5.4.  It is Excel 2007-2021 and Office 365 compatible. 

To upgrade to the latest version, download the latest install.  It is a free add-in.

Latest improvements:

  • Fixed a problem with users who have move cell on enter turned on
  • Modified to allow formulas to be used in credit and debit columns
  • Minor dialog improvements to improve usability
  • Fixed a Windows 10 bug that caused dialog to appear incorrectly and difficult to read or use.
  • Product review and improvements
  • Eliminated conditional formatting which was also contributing to slow performance.
  • Major update to fix a problem with extremely slow performance with Excel 2013 and possibly earlier versions of Excel.  Addition of new entries in the old version would take extremely long to do and Excel would appear locked up.
  • Changed the image on the insert entry button to a + sign from an arrow
  • Fixed an Excel bug with dialogs not always appearing in the center of the Excel window if the user has two or more monitors.
  • Fixed a problem on 64 bit Excel. 
  • Minor change in how toolbar is displayed
  • Modified to fix a problem displaying dialogs in some non-English versions of Excel
  • Added in a check on the date in case a person accidentally types in an amount in a date column.
  • When your default checkbook is opened, the Checkbook Assistant toolbar is now automatically displayed.