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Links to Specialty Excel Products and Sites

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  • Optimalon Software has released 1DCutX. It is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides a new functionality - finding the optimal way of cutting linear (one-dimension) materials (bars, pipes, beams, profiles, rolls etc.) supplied in standard lengths.
  • XLEcom - Ecommerce Web Site Creator Program - Create Professional looking Ecommerce Web Sites using Microsoft Excel
  • Add-in Express provides a visual RAD tool for developing MS Office COM add-ins Smart Tags and RTD Servers on .NET and VCL. Sample COM add-ins for Excel Outlook Word are available for download with complete source code
  • Pentacon AG offers XL Project a MS Excel tool that creates Gantt charts and administrates your projects easily.
  • has developed a product called Excel Reports. It is a report generator that outputs periodic (daily weekly ...) information in Excel spreadsheet formats. With one time configuration generates reports automatically. 
  • DJI Computer Solutions - Interesting add-ins for Microsoft Excel (especially if you are a golfer).
  • Decision Models Ltd has a product called Fast Excel that can help to speed up large complicated Excel spreadsheets. They also provide consulting services for Excel users.
  • Dimension 5's add-in Miner3D translates Excel data into interactive 3D information space with visual navigation analysis, data mining, filtering, cherry-picking, charting, and reporting
  • Datatrend Software has developed a utility called Grab It! which is an Excel based program that digitizes graphs and charts to obtain the original data. Rated 5 stars on ZDNet!
  • Beside Software offers an Import Assistant for Excel to make loading text files easier.
  • UNISTAT for Windows is a comprehensive stand-alone statistical package that can also work as an add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • Financial CAD for Excel
  • Pre-processing Statistics Data Analysis Excel utilities by XLstat - 4 stars by ZDNet!
  • Data acquisition and bar code software by TAL Technologies - Input into any Office application
  • Analyse-It for Microsoft Excel:  17 non-parametric and 14 parametric procedures for calculating descriptive statistics testing normality, comparing means, correlation, and regression.
  • Accounting Advisors Inc is an Atlanta-based consulting firm representing clients nationwide. They help businesses of all sizes streamline accounting challenges ranging from simplifying data entry to customized reporting. They also have an impressive set of tips.
  • TechVision offers FormIdea for Excel which adds advanced form recognition and processing features in Excel: you can load existing paper forms from scan or fax input. Data fields of interests will be automatically identified for fast and easy data entry; and more.
  • Synkronizer by Excess Consulting GmbH is an Excel tool that compares and synchronizes Excel sheets and Excel data bases. This enables you to immediately determine the data added deleted or changed.

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