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Money back

The golden rules for the Gold Assistant

Printout these rules in color. Post on the wall. Follow the rules!

Always think of your to do's and tasks as gold.

Maximize your work on the most important gold - those that can increase your wealth.

Do the minimum work on the must do's that are not real gold:

  • Give them the latest possible start and completion dates
  • Forget about them until they come to the top in an importance s

Always put a next key action by each gold entry:

Create treasure maps. They are your guide to the gold.

Do not put personal gold on your work gold worksheet. Personal gold distracts.

Do the following steps each day:

  • Show all gold
  • Do a quick sort by category
  • Review the entries and answer these questions:
  • Are the values right?
  • Is the probability of success right (blank = 100%)
  • Are the hours remaining right?
  • Is the next key action right?
  • Is the hours to do the next key action right?
  • Add or remove "waiting" or "on hold" in the key actions column
  • Add new entries
  • Sort by importance
  • Hide unimportant, distracting gold rows by "Hide less important gold rows"
  • Color in gold background the entries you are going to work on today
    • Remove gold background on those you are not going to work on
  • Priorities the key actions you are going to work on today (only gold rows)
  • Sort by priority using "Sort gold by next action priority"

Put gold entries in categories that you sort to the top (like ASAP or Must do) as little as possible

  • Putting items in these categories is useful, but can be a way to avoid
    working on real gold.

Use the column "Today's priorities" only for organizing the actions to be worked on today.

Add new entries to the list throughout the day.

Always hide the less important rows so they will not distract:

  • Put the words "waiting" or "on hold" in the next action column if no
    work can be done on an item today
  • Mark through items that are complete for the day
  • Sort by importance and then run "Show only important gold rows"

Work on the gold entries you colored gold.

Use the reward option on the main menu to reward yourself for work you have done.

Do a small reward at least once a day. When enjoying, think about the
gold or key actions you accomplished that resulted in the reward.

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