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Returning to the top left of your worksheet

If you have a large worksheet, then most likely you have navigated well away from the top left of the sheet, and soon or later need to return to the top left.  The most frequent way we have seen users return to the top left is:

  • Scroll to the top using the vertical scroll bar
  • Scroll to the the left using the horizontal bar
  • Often times, the person clicks on these scroll bars repeatedly until to the top or the left.

The easier, faster way is to just press CTL-HOME.  This takes you to the top left corner of your worksheet! And, if you need to get to the end of a worksheet, press CTL-HOME

Sometimes, you may not want to get to the top left, but just to either the top for the current column or the far left of the current row, try the following:

  • In the name box, type the address of the cell where you want to go.
  • For example, if you are in cell Z345, if you type Z1 in the name box and press enter, that takes you to the op of column Z.
  • If you type A345, that takes you to the first cell of that row. 
  • If you have frozen panes (future tip), then to get to the first cell either below the frozen rows or to the right of the frozen columns, just use the arrow keys to move the cell pointer!

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