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How to fill multiple cells at one time

Most users who need to put the same formula, number or text string in multiple cells will do this:

  • Select the first cell
  • Enter the formula, number,or text string
  • Press enter, thus filling the formula and going to the next cell
  • Reselect the cell
  • Copy the cell
  • Select the other cells which need to contain the same entry
  • Do a paste

The much simpler approach is to:

  • Select the range to contain the entry
  • Enter the formula, number or text string
  • Press CTL-ENTER (hold the control key down, press enter, release the keys)

And, you do not have to be on the first cell!  You can be any any of the selected cells. For example, sometimes we get lazy and select from the bottom cell to the top cell.  Or we have held the CTL key down while we selected multiple cells in the worksheet.

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