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Using the ribbon mapping workbook for Microsoft Excel

Excel users who have been using Excel 97 through Excel 2003 who upgrade to Excel 2007-2019 frequently find themselves lost and confused with the new Excel ribbon system.  For many users, the old menus were very easy to navigate, especially after years of use.  Both new and old Excel users are frustrated finding commands.  To help, Microsoft has a released a free workbook that maps Excel 97-2003 commands to the ribbon.

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For: Excel 2007-2010  

Spreadsheet Assistant - Add over 200 new features to Microsoft Excel.  And, get back the Excel 97-2003 classic menus!

Sheet Navigator - See all the sheet tabs in a workbook with one click.  Makes navigating workbooks like the ribbon mapping workbook very easy.

Price: Free
Company: Microsoft
Location: U.S.
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When you click on the download link found on the above page, a workbook will open in Excel.  Save this workbook to someplace that is easy to find!  The download link is actually to an Excel template.  You are not prompted to save the workbook as it opens automatically into Excel.  The following is a sample screen shot of one of the sheets in the workbook:

ribbon mapping workbook

The following is a list of the sheets in the workbook:

Introduction Compare Side by Side
Standard Drawing
Formatting WordArt
PivotTable Pictures
Chart (Toolbar) Drawing Canvas
Reviewing Organization Chart
Forms Diagram
Stop Recording Ink Drawing and Writing
External Data Ink Annotations
Formula Auditing Shadow Settings
Full Screen 3-D Settings
Circular Reference File
Visual Basic Edit
Web View
Control Toolbox Insert
Exit Design Mode Format
Watch Window Tools
Borders Data
Protection Chart (Menu)
Text to Speech Window
List Help

To quickly navigate the many worksheets, you can use the Sheet Navigator, which displays a dialog that shows all the worksheets in a workbook for instant selection.

One thing you can do is to printout the workbook.  This is helpful, but finding the printout a few days later is always difficult.  A better approach is to open this workbook when you need it, search for a command, and close it.  To search, simply press CTL-F, Click on Options, change the search in box from worksheet to workbook (so all sheets are searched), type in a search word, and click Find.:

If you have the Spreadsheet Assistant, the first button on its toolbar opens your favorite files.  Just set up a bookmark in it and us it to open the ribbon mapping workbook whenever you need it.  And, the Spreadsheet Assistant adds back the classical Excel 97-2003 menus, which may be even more helpful than the ribbon mapping workbook!





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