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You agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement by publishing affiliate links and/or clicking ok to this agreement when logging into the affiliate system. If you do not agree, do not publish affiliate links or clicking ok to the agreement when logging in. 

In the following agreement, you and your company are referred to as Affiliate.

Affiliate understands that Add-Ins.Com LLC does not guarantee or predict any type of profit from being an affiliate with Add-Ins.Com LLC.

Affiliate will receive a sales commission of  20% of net sales resulting from Affiliate's links and reported in the affiliate system.

Net sales is gross sales less returns, refunds, shipping, charge backs, discounts, etc based on the sales reported by the online internet ordering and sales tracking system used by Add-Ins.Com LLC and identified as Affiliate sales.

Recognition of sales for commissions is solely at Add-Ins.Com LLC discretion, even if a customer advises Add-Ins.Com LLC they purchased as a result of a visit to the Affiliate's web site or actions by the Affiliate.

If a sale from a prior period is canceled or refunded, the related commission will be deducted from the current Affiliate's commission. In the event that current commissions are not sufficient to cover this amount, Affiliate agrees to pay the different to Add-Ins.Com LLC if Add-Ins.Com LLC requests them to do so.

Payments will be made monthly. Payments will normally be sent by the 10th of each month for the previous month's commissions.

The minimum payment is $50.  If the payment due is less than $50, the payment will be held until a monthly payment of $50 or more is due.

Before payment can be made to an Affiliate doing business in the U.S., Affiliate must provide a signed W-9 form. Before payment can be made to an Affiliate doing business outside the U.S., the Affiliate must provide a signed W-8BEN form.  Links are available to these forms from the Help tab once Affiliate signs in. They are also provided in the sign-up email sent when one signs up.

Payment will be by either by PayPal , Payoneer, or a check on U.S. bank. If by check on a U.S. bank, the check will be sent to the address listed for the Affiliate. If by PayPal or Payoneer, payment will be to the email address of the Affiliate.  All Paypal and Payoneer fees are deducted from the Affiliate's payment. The Affiliate may request an alternate payment method and Add-ins.Com LLC may chose to use that instead.

There will be no interest paid on accrued but not paid commissions.

Add-Ins.Com LLC reserves the right to hold back payments on transactions that Add-Ins.Com LLC expects to be refunded, believes may be fraudulent, or for which payment has not been received.

In the event that Add-Ins.Com LLC has been supplied fraudulent Affiliate payment information, the only recourse that the Affiliate has to recover commissions is with the individual or company committing the fraud. Add-Ins.Com LLC will not pay commissions a second time, even if the first payment was to a fraudulent address or payee.

Affiliate is solely responsible for any taxes, fees, etc. that result from payment of commissions to the Affiliate.

Affiliate may add to Affiliate's web site multiple referral links to and remove such links at anytime and without prior approval from Add-Ins.Com LLC.

Referral links on sites that are inappropriate (example: porn sites) are not allowed and will result in loss of all commissions and termination of the participation in the affiliate program.

Affiliate may promote any or all of Add-Ins.Com LLC' products. The Affiliate is responsible for the content, the style and the layout of this information.

Affiliate may use any of the images on to promote Add-Ins.Com LLC products.

Affiliate may not duplicate or copy all or portions of pages or write-ups. Affiliate write-ups should be done by the Affiliate.

Add-Ins.Com LLC reserve all rights to LLC's trade names, trademarks and intellectual property.

Affiliate may send out emails and promotions to friends and those who Affiliate has a business relationship with or to individuals who have opted in to emails from the Affiliate. This includes email newsletters and promotions managed by the Affiliate.

Spamming and bulk e-mailing is not permitted. Any such action will result in immediate termination of this Agreement and lost of all commissions.

Affiliate may not send any bulk e-mails, spam, e-mails to purchased or free opt-in lists, chat rooms, hit farms, guest books, porn sites or do other similar actions which make reference to or contain any links to Doing so will result in immediate termination of this Agreement and lost of all commissions.

Any fraud or attempted fraud or intentional misrepresentation will result in immediate termination of this Agreement and lost of all commissions.

Add-Ins.Com LLC may make any changes to Add-Ins.Com LLC's' products at any time, discontinue any of Add-Ins.Com LLC's' products at any time and change the price on Add-Ins.Com LLC's products at any time. If possible, Affiliates will be notified of any product discontinuance before it happens.

Affiliate does not have the authority to make or accept any offer on Add-Ins.Com LLC's' behalf.

Nothing in this Agreement is intended to or will create any form of partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, principle agent, or employment relationship between Affiliate and Add-Ins.Com LLC.
This is a non-exclusive agreement between Affiliate and Add-Ins.Com LLC.

Affiliate and Add-Ins.Com LLC shall operate their web sites independently of one another and are solely responsible for the content, links, the technology used, cost, and the design of their web sites.

Add-Ins.Com LLC makes no representation that Add-Ins.Com LLC's' web site or the ordering and sales tracking system will be uninterrupted or error-free. Affiliate agrees not to hold Add-Ins.Com LLC liable for any such problems or issues. Add-Ins.Com LLC will do its best to insure that Add-Ins.Com LLC's web site and the ordering and sales tracking system is up and running and as error free as possible.

As with any program, a concern, conflict or dispute may occasionally arise due to tracking, orders, commission calculation, or other issues.  If a problem should arise, Affiliate should advise Add-Ins.Com LLC of the specifics of the problem, including any dates or numbers that apply. Add-Ins.Com LLC will investigate immediately and will reply as soon as possible.

Affiliate agrees that all issues regarding Affiliate's commissions and all other parts of this Agreement are to be resolved solely by Add-Ins.Com LLC and Add-Ins.Com LLC's' decisions are final.

Affiliate agrees that Add-Ins.Com LLC and Add-Ins.Com LLC's assigns are not liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profits or data, arising in connection with this Agreement, even if Add-Ins.Com LLC and Add-Ins.Com LLC's' assigns have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, Add-Ins.Com LLC's liability for any reason related to this Agreement will not exceed the total remaining commissions payable to Affiliate under to this Agreement. Affiliate agrees to hold Add-Ins.Com LLC and Add-Ins.Com LLC's' assigns harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages, costs, demands or liabilities, joint or several, of whatever kind or nature which Add-Ins.Com LLC and Add-Ins.Com LLC's assigns may become subject arising out of or relating in any way to this Agreement, including, without limitation, in each case attorneys fees, costs and expenses actually incurred in defending against or enforcing any such losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages or liabilities.

The Term of this Agreement will begin upon clicking OK to the agreement when logging into the affiliate system or publishing affiliate links, whichever comes first.  The Agreement shall continue perpetually. 

Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written or e-mail notice of termination.

Without prejudice to any other rights, LLC may terminate this Agreement if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

If this Agreement is terminated by Add-Ins.Com LLC due to Affiliate fraudulent activity, spamming, bulk e-mailing, violation of terms of this Agreement, promotion in a manner that is unethical or inappropriate, or similar actions, Affiliate will not be compensated for any unpaid commissions.

If this Agreement is terminated by Add-Ins.Com LLC for other reasons, Add-Ins.Com LLC, at its own discretion, may continue commission payments for sales that occur within thirty days of the termination.

Upon termination of this Agreement, Affiliate is to delete from Affiliate's web sites all links, Add-Ins.Com LLC's images, and references to and Add-Ins.Com LLC's products. Such action is to be completed within one month of termination.

In the event of cancellation of this Agreement, all commissions will be withheld for 90 days to protect against any charge backs and refunds that may occur.

Add-Ins.Com LLC may modify this agreement and notify Affiliate of the new agreement by e-mail, fax, letter or by posting for review. If Affiliate advises that they do not accept the agreement, then this Agreement will be immediately terminated and no additional commissions paid to Affiliate on sales from that time on.

The titles and headings of the various sections and paragraphs in this Agreement are intended solely for convenience of reference and are not intended for any other purpose whatsoever, or to explain, modify or place any construction upon or on any of the provisions of this Agreement.

For the purpose of resolving legal conflicts related to or arising out of this Agreement, the Affiliate agrees to LLC's decision on all such conflicts.  If any legal action by the Affiliate is taken, the parties expressly agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware and the venue shall be in the State of Delaware only, and in addition, the parties hereby expressly consent to the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in the State of Delaware.  You waive all defenses of lack of personal jurisdiction or inconvenient forum.  Affiliate agrees that all reasonable legal expenses incurred by Add-ins.Com LLC and its assignees by actions bought by Affiliate arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be paid by the Affiliate and may not be recovered by subsequent legal action.

If any provision of this Agreement (or portions thereof) will be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality or enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement will not in any way be affected or impaired.

This Agreement contains the entire agreement between LLC and Affiliate and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement. This Agreement supersedes supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written communications, proposals, representations and agreements between LLC and Affiliate.

This Agreement was last modified on April 26, 2014.


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